FPSC (Fleet Professional Smart Card)

Man dressed in white outfit and traditional Gandhi Topi, Mumbai Army of 5,000 Dabbawala’s fulfil the hunger of people residing in Mumbai with home-cooked food that is lug between home and office daily. For more than a century their team has been part of this grime- ridden metropolis-of-dreams. The dabbawala’s are known for their timely and error-free lunchbox deliveries. Transporting lunches may sound simple but what the dabbawala’s do every day is a remarkable feature.

Indian Institute of Fleet Management has taken an initiative to provide Social Security to these Dabbawala’s through its flagship programme Fleet professional smart card (FPSC). After becoming a FPSC member, they would be entitled to the below benefits –

By virtue of becoming FPSC member, IIFM would also help them in getting additional income through various drives.

It’s a give back time by providing them a social security while their earning only serves them bread. Therefore, I would kindly request to provide sponsorship for this noble cause. The amount per FPSC card will be Rs. One thousand only /- and you can sponsor as many individual as per your will. Without your assistance and sponsorship, we won’t be able to achieve this goal.

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