Training & Developement

  • Driver training On DTI features
  • Driver cum tourist guide
  • Soft skills and behavioural training including POSH law update
  • Overseas language training for overseas employment
  • Specialist vehicle operations training
  • Train the Trainer
  • HSE
  • pre-release courses for Armed Forces (planned)
  • GOI Programs (DDUGKY/PMKVY)
  • FPEE(Fleet professional employment exchange)

    FPEE is a unique concept of IIFM mainly is a training centre which has been designed to execute all kind of trainings, counselling, awareness activities and make people empowered to pursue their career or livelihood on self sustainable mode. This will be one of the centre point to run all the reforms of IIFM.

    Gradually FPEE will establish across the divisions / sub divisions through out the country.

    At present FPEE centre is in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bengaluru followed by Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and further more cities.


    Aim to create 5 entrepreneurs in both the segments below mentioned every year while providing end to end support.

  • Fleet Entrepreneur
  • Service centre entrepreneur
  • Advocacy

    IIFM advocacy is a clear conceptualization and is promoting the goals of the decade of action for road safety. We advocate for enforcing and implementing of seat belts, drink- driving, helmets, speeding, child restrictions and distracted driving.

    IIFM also advocates for victim support post- crash response and will support annual commemoration of a world day of remembrance for road traffic victims

    IIFM approach towards the road safety awareness is a paradigm shift

    ROAD INJURY PREVENTION AND CONTROL - THE NEW UNDERSTANDING : Road crisis are largely predictable and preventable

    A problem amenable to rational analysis and counter measures

    Moving beyond drivers errors, human mistakes, crisis approaches, knee jerk reactions and adhocism, needs scientific and systematic approaches

    Multi sectoral issue – All sectors needs to work together

    Vulnerability of a human body and energy transfer Social equity issue- Equal protection to all road users Needs pro-active approaches

    Local knowledge needs to inform the implementation of the local solutions

    Better understanding over time – Haddon matrics, Public health model, Save system approach

    IIFM For Farmers

    How IIFM will create a difference while keeping them as a Farmer and enhance their livelihood?

    IIFM will have rural centre for farmers- (POC centre is in Zezuri)

    IIFM will educate and trained farmers on tech enabled agriculture on farm equipment’s

    IIFM with its innovative approach will train the farmers to drive and operate other vehicles and specialist vehicles to enhance their source of income

    IIFM will provide Sensible solutions to the causes of today’s farmers crisis situation.

    Rural people will have occupations that will keep them independent and working on the land and will also increase food grain production.

    IIFM Relay Centers

    IIFM will set up relay centers across National and State highway on every 200kms to ensure an efficient mobility while switching over drivers from the center. This will help to manage and to keep track the vehicles along with safety of the transit. Ideology behind is the driver can work within their locality and also enjoy the services received in the relay centers like accommodation, food and other refreshing activities along with various training and awareness.

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