Fleet Professional Smart Card

FPSC stands for Fleet professional smart card which is a trademark of Indian Institute of Fleet Management. The main objective of FPSC is to bring all the fleet professional on a single platform that will help to organize the fleet industry. IIFM is a Non-profit organization and working fundamentally to support Industry while bridging the gap between demand and supply in an end to end aspect. FPSC Membership is for one year and same will be renewed as per the member’s choice. There will be professional and social benefit extended to FPSC members (Please refer FPSC Brochures). There is a nominal fee for becoming FPSC member

FPSC Drive is basis on the livelyhood mission program in that any person whose earnings are depending on some mobilty whether it is motorist or non-motorist is eligible for FPSC member.

FPSC drive is a basis on the mission of IIFM- Establishing driving as a profession.

1) Driver

  • Any person having transport driving license and authorized to drive all types of commercial vehicle will be eligible for FPSC.
  • A person in the rural area falls under village framework and operating pedal rickshaw is equally part of Fleet professional.
  • A person having a private driving license of LMV but working with some executives on salary basis will be termed as Fleet professional. However, employer certificate/Undertaking is required to confirm the same. (There FPSC will be eligible only till the time they are under individual employment and if the switchover from one employer to another then change of letter is required by FPSC member duly approved by the previous employer and certificate/undertaking of the new employer).
  • A person working with E-commerce Company as a despatch/delivery boy and having Motorbike license also will be termed as Fleet professional and will be eligible for FPSC. This will be strictly on the basis of the E-Commerce employer certificate/undertaking.
  • The basis on the livelihood program any farmer or person having tractor license also will be treated as Fleet professional.
  • A person having a license to drive Auto in the urban/ rural area will be termed as Fleet professional.
  • 2) Specialist Vehicle operator

  • All specialist vehicle operator will be termed as Fleet professional and will be eligible for FPSC.
  • 3) Automobile Mechanic

  • Any person having a certificate or diploma of any part of Automobile courses issued by recognised authority will be termed as Fleet professional.
  • Any person who is skilled in automobile and having a certificate of NSDC will be termed as Fleet professional.
  • A person working in Garage with certain experience but doesn’t have any certification also termed as Fleet professional but their employer certificate/undertaking is mandatory.
  • 4) Supporting Staff

  • All supporting staff of Front and backend working in Fleet or working for fleet Industry will be termed as Fleet professional and will be eligible for FPSC. Employer letter is mandatory.
  • Note- FPSC Enrolment will happen completely online either directly through an individual or offline with Enrolment mobilizing team as per the laid down SOP

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