IIFM Key Solutions

As IIFM is working towards fundamental reforms of fleet industry, functioning on fleet education, training, innovation, incubation and research along with various reforms for existing fleet professionals and bridging the gap between demand and supply while creating more fleet professional through its flagship program FPSC (Fleet …..) and managing them on fpxchange.

Due to the core trade expertise, IIFM can provide various consulting, advisory, diagnostics and sustainable solutions which will give an acceleration to the business along with managing profitable business growth for the company.

Fleet Audit & Compliance

The audit analysis's and measures all the activities and functions that come under fleet management, determine its productivity and proper counselling to bring down the cost and boost productivity and profits to the organization. Fleet auditing & compliance consists of a profound analysis of the ongoing ranks and the pricing, distance and the producer or the exemplary choices.

Fleet Operation Excellence

IIFM will offer expert counselling and keeping their clients updated with newer innovations and cutting-edge emerging fleet technologies. We also offer to assist into implementing these technologies, coordination and interactions among the thought leaders of this industry. Fleet Consulting can be classified in two broader groups that are Acquisition and Disposal. IIFM acknowledges the importance of fleet consulting that is its proficiency and exposure is of grave importance to the developing corporations where everybody finds difficulty in the systematic managing of the fleet.

Fleet Professional Training & Behaviours Analysis

Everyday,roads/Vehicles are used by millions of people for number of activities.Thease people are in different states of mind, who are in a hurry, who are preoccupied, whoes behaviour is uncertain, who are sick/accompany sick, who are disabled,who are unfamilier with road environment, who are elderly, who come from rural areas,who use diffeent vehicles, who travel varying distances, who are in-experienced, who are adventures, who arein sorrow......

Being an unorganised and with complete mobility sector, behaviour of fleet professsionals is getting changed due to various reasons that could be social,family, financials, work pressure issues etc. a routine behaviour analysis test is required along with counselling of all work force which is the backbone of the industry. IIFM can provide behaviour analysis check on pshycological parameter and will provide counselling session also.

IIFM is already working on behaviour analysis check through AI(Artificial Intelligence)by 2020 same can be implemented.

Business Consulting

IIFM provides effective business consulting to its clients as it works on planning, outlining, decision making and problem-solving and helps the corporations to enhance their business developments and skills. These include providing the ongoing insight and trends in the fleet industry. IIFM enables consulting and efficient advisory platforms to devise and formulate an effective mode of training and development program.

Procurement Consulting

It stands for Procurement Services Provider. A Procurement Service Provider, or PSP, is a third party organization or consultant which is used to supplement internal procurement departments. PSP's have their own staffing which assists in a variety of tasks for their clients. In procurement, competence commutes vision and vision lifts appraisals. IIFM understands the importance of procurement consulting and is thus highly specialized and centralized on the demands and needs of the cut-throat distinctive displays.

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