Terms and Terminology

Terms and Terminology

For those who are not accustomed to the terminology “Fleet Management”; It is an administrative approach allowing the companies to organize vehicles with the agenda to improve efficiency, reduction in costs and provide compliance. It involves the supervision, planning, and control of the fleet operations. The fleet industry in our country is extremely disorganized and majority of the individuals are not well-informed and educated about this particular sector.

Likewise, the various Institute of National importance such as Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM) etc. Is especially conferred to a higher education in our country managed by the government of India and serving a pivotal role in developing highly skilled personnel. The ‘Indian Institute of Fleet Management’ is the first and foremost Non-profit privately owned university receiving the stature of these prestigious 'Institute of national importance'.

IIFM is one of its kind in India. Established to manage the risk of road accidents, and employ appropriate human intervention and therefore safety, this institute will educate the youth and train the drivers, technicians and other service providers. It will include the complete spectrum in this domain that is the white collared management cadre. It aims to initiate a new reform in our country focusing on increasing the lives and livelihood and provide the source of income and social security to the individuals deprived of it.

IIFM is your sole key to all the fleet allied accommodations, achievement of the required knowledge and the transmission of information between the corporate biggies. It provides adequate training in the field of vehicle conservation, financing, tracking, and diagnostics along with driver and speed management. It trains the students to comprehend the changing scenario of the fleet management structure. This will ensure the production of students who will go on to bring complete readiness and fecundity in the field of fleet management.

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