Indian Institute of Fleet Management

Indian Institute of Fleet Management is one of its kinds in India. Established to manage the risk of road accidents, an employ appropriate human intervention and therefore safety, this institute will educate the youth and train the drivers, technicians and other service providers. It will include the complete spectrum in this domain that is the white collared management cadre.

Indian Institute of Fleet Management is one such provision which among its other endeavours, raise important matters, provide a distinction of philosophy, define clearly all the norms and regulations. Indian Institute of Fleet Management is your sole key to all the fleet allied accommodations, achievement of the required knowledge and the transmission of information between the corporate biggies. It provides adequate training in the field of vehicle conservation, financing, tracking and diagnostics along with driver and speed management. It trains the students to comprehend the changing scenario of the fleet management structure. This will ensure the production of students who will go on to bring complete readiness and fecundity in the field of fleet management. .

IIFM offers various academic courses for the extensive training and implementation of sufficient knowledge to its students in the form of Certification Courses, Diploma Courses and Degree Courses. The duration of these courses is diversified and caters to the needs and demands of the different students. These courses strive to train both the sectors of the blue collar and the white collar institutions while also providing gilt edge balance between the two. It also gathers the aid of the various governmental systems in achieving their goal of road security and adherence of the traffic rules.

With cutting-edge guidance and training, Indian Institute of Fleet Management will seek the active participation of governmental bodies to optimum support our mission towards road safety. The course would include various methodologies which would include safety awareness programs, workshop, technical internships, and focused seminars that would stir the sense of responsibility.

Indian Institute of Fleet Management recognizes the fact that different students have different goals and aspirations. A single program may not benefit every student. IIFM comprehends this need and thus provides diverse training programs to cater to the needs of the different students. With a motto to be envisioned as the guiding anchor in the field in fleet management, IIFM strives to nurture about more than 50000 students each year. It is a unique venture and is a brainchild of Mr Sanjay Singh. It is specifically aimed at the prevention of road mishaps and accidents, providing diversified employment methods and extensive training of the technicians, engineers and drivers.

Indian Institute of Fleet Management believes the principle that more envisioned and skillfully trained individuals will eventually lead to a more skilled and conceptualized fleet specialists in the future. It also provides training certificates with the guaranteed affirmation of placements and employment facilities. It provides placements for mechanics, drivers, junior managers and the senior management. The training sessions involve various security alertness programs, studios and workshops, vocational fellowships and fixated conventions which would arouse the feeling of importance. It strives to produce responsible and efficient fleet specialists in the future in the field of fleet management.

Our Experienced Leaders

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Miss Pari Hamdule

Director - Women Empowerment

Miss Pari is the Director, Women’s Empowerment Programme at Indian Institute of Fleet Management (IIFM).

Mr. Rohit Kumar

Executive Director

Rohit is a fourth generation entrepreneur and in a very short span of time with his committed and disciplined approach

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