Mr. Sanjay Singh

Mr.Sanjay Singh having a rich experience of 30+ years in the field of Automotive, Land Transport, Logistics and HSE. Especially in the fleet management he was quite instrumental in setting up the business and achieving an exponential growth rate to various corporate houses; thus, gaining an experience that culminated to a realization and foresight of setting up an institute exclusively on fleet educations and training which will create a largest platform to get certified and trained for the people of India.

He is known to be perfectionist in his field with military grade accuracy and vast expertise in tactical role, Sanjay Singh has the “cutting-edge” expertise to develop and setup various kind of business model at an optimised cost.

He has an unbeatable career record of all his ventures and establishments. He has trained and mentored more than 100 leaders in his domain those who are successfully working, leading and driving the business in their respective field.

Indian Institute of Fleet Management (IIFM) is an initiative and one of a kind visionary which aims to produce skilful and developed fleet specialists for the sheer future, to train the fleet enthusiasts like the drivers, mechanics, specialist vehicle operators and the budding fleet enthusiasts to function by adhering the norms of the fleet industry. It is a non-profit organization working fundamentally to support the industry and bridging the gap between the demand and supply in an end to end aspect. Considering the major area of service transport, IIFM will be engaged in education, training, research and development, incubation, consultancy and advocacy along with tech innovation.

The major objective and mission of our institute will be to fundamentally support the entire fleet industry and to establish driving as a profession. Known for its strategized teaching and competent training in fleet management, the course promises to address the social concern of road accidents and spread the awareness of road safety. It is a unique initiative which strives to increase the discipline, professionalism and a code of conduct in the field of fleet management of transportation. We will be incorporating the “Fleet Professional Smart Card” abbreviated as FPSC which is a flagship programme to bring the entire fleet professionals onto a single platform which will be beneficial in organizing the fleet industry.

The members of FPSC will be having the professional and social benefits. The professional benefits for the members will include the job assistance or self employment, career life cycle management and maintenance of the automated log, centralised representation to the employer as well as the business owner. Besides this we at IIFM will provide the opportunity to the high rated drivers to pursue the employment overseas. Considering the social benefits, IIFM will be engaged in providing insurance in case of some uncertain accidental death, permanent, partial or total disablement, management of accidental as well as injury cases. Also, benefit of dependent child education and the more features will be added on years on years as the membership increases. Apart from these the employer or business owner benefit will include disciplined workforce, automated log access to view individual career history, single platform representation, null and void of hiring wise placement fees, in house defensive drivers, routine health check-up and also routine behaviour analysis test. Any individual directly or indirectly involved with the fleet industry whether their earnings are on motorist or non-motorist, be it on site or off site will be eligible to attain the membership of FPSC. Along with these unique benefits, IIFM will incorporate and set up a unique concept of relay centres to ensure an efficient mobility while switching between the drivers over different canters to facilitate the management of tracking the vehicles along with the safety of transit.

The main ideology behind these relay centres will focus majorly on the drivers to work within their own locality and to enjoy the services such as accommodation, food and various training and awareness activities at these centres. The main motto of IIFM is to indulge in the industrial and social reform keeping in view the priorities of the country and its economic development and to enhance the mission of livelihood to raise the social upliftment status among individuals. By establishing this organization, we want to lay down our focus on ‘minimizing migration’ of individuals from the rural sectors to the urban sectors and ‘maximizing immigration’ which will facilitate the overall development and introduce a new reform by providing the medium of “self-employment” via driver cum owner trend within our country. IIFM will provide education in terms of management and guarantee placement and making an entrepreneur through its Fleet incubation program while setting up an incubation centres across the various cities and the organization will be firmly engaged in training, fleet innovation, and overall skill development. IIFM not only recognizes the dynamic trends but also preaches the zeal to provide innovative proficiency and the evolution of skills by assuring the apprenticeship and the various training programs emulating the demands and needs of today's fleet experts along with filling the gaps which persist in Industry.

The Chairman of IIFM Mr. Sanjay Singh provides an effective platform of advisory and manoeuvring for the distinguished board of directors of the established automobile corporations. The main objective is to provide a prudent and skilful constitution for achieving business merit.

The advisory platform inculcates innovation, excellence, professionalism, and merit to the fleet industries. The guiding anchor of IIFM, Sanjay Singh facilitates the distinguished board of directors of some of the leading automobile industries to incline themselves as an acclaimed member of IIFM. Becoming a member of IIFM will enable these industries to gain efficient insights into the ongoing trends in the fleet industry. Effective membership with IIFM will also enable the corporations to advantage their profit maximization and business opportunities.

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